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Begin Your Planning Before the Leaves Start Falling

In the blink of an eye, scorchingly hot days, pool parties, and trips to the beach will be in the past and our fun summer will switch over to Fall!  Back to school, back to the gym to lose those summer pounds & work starts to get busy again. However the Fall brings us beautiful colors from all our different trees, apple picking and football season!  Fall is the perfect season for planning events that you can build your business, strengthen client relationships, and elevate your employee’s morale. Also perfect for planning quality family time with the comforting Fall weather!

Host a fall-themed event!

If you are someone who just adores the rich colors of the fall season, take advantage of them and fill your event with some of the best that autumn has to offer! We love adding the colors that come from bark, blossom branches, and flowers. Mix greens, browns, oranges, yellows, creams, and reds to create a beautiful seasonal ambiance. Develop a fabulous seasonal Fall menu and beverages that will be a great treat for your guests. Seasonal menu enhancers include using lots of different squash, cranberries, pumpkins, pears, apple cider, seasonal donuts, pies, seasonal cocktails. craft beer, wine and cheese.

Did somebody say football party?

Whether you want to plan an epic tailgate for friends and family at a stadium, an office, or in the comfort of your own home, why not take it to the next level?! We can help you plan the perfect event, which will make watching your favorite team play even better. The only thing greater than a massive win is eating a delicious catered meal with incredible company!

Oooo spooky

Did you hear that? The ghoul over at table 1 won’t stop talking about how delicious their pumpkin pie is! We truly do enjoy putting on events during the fall season that will create so much excitement all of the skeletons can feel it in their bones! From spooky decor to hearty comfort foods to smoking cocktails that any goblin will be crazy about, there’s no limit to how much fun your Halloween event can be!

There’s always a good reason to have fun and party! Whether you are hosting a birthday party, anniversary, family reunion, football party, or business event, our family at Fabulous Foods Events & Catering is so excited to make it one that everyone remembers!

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