Happy National BBQ Day!

BBQ Season has arrived and even though it has been quite chilly out the last few days, things are looking like they are about to warm right up.

Summer is here and the smell of delicious hamburgers, tasty seafood, and refreshing drinks are all we can think of!

Fabulous Foods loves BBQ Season! Check out our BBQ page on our web-site for tips!

Company BBQ’s is such a nice way to entertain staff & clients. Relaxing, casual and just plain fun!

Here are some tips on having a great BBQ Party! 

Social BBQ entertaining is great for graduations, birthdays & all social milestones.

Match your occasion and tie them together. If it is a corporate BBQ, keep it classic, great burgers, dogs, chicken, corn on the cob & fabulous salads. Always include vegetable burgers to accommodate vegetarians. Companies can kick it up a notch by adding grilled kebabs (shrimp, chicken & beef).

Social BBQ’s can follow the same as above for very casual or can upscale it by adding grilled fish, filet mignon, Summer grilled vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, shrimp cocktail & passed hors d’oeuvres!

Fabulous Foods Favorite Menu –

Lobster Seafood Pots! These incorporate lobster, shrimp, crab, clams, mussels, corn on the cob, red potatoes, herbs, lemon & wine. Pots lined with seaweed and steamed on the grills to perfection! Great summer seafood party.

Desserts can include cookies, brownies, watermelon & ice cream on the business side. Social BBQ’s tend to get more involved by adding ice cream bars, dessert tables, and even liquid nitrogen ice cream stations!

Beverages can be simple soft drinks, water & iced tea or kick it up with blended ice cold offerings and fresh brewed infused iced tea! Social BBQ’s offer specialty summer cocktails infused with herbs, fruits, spices, sangria & craft beer!  

Liquor is always a tricky question.  Companies should keep it light. If lunch time BBQ, you do not need to offer alcohol if everyone is expected to return to work. If it is a weekend BBQ then you can offer beer and wine but monitor and dispense it carefully and always close the bar an hour before the end time and offer coffee! Social BBQ’s tend to offer full bar service and the host should hire a professional bartender and not offer self-serve. Be aware of your guests and have Uber’s app ready on your phone in case any guests may have over indulged!

What about the supplies that are needed at the event? Use high-quality disposables to keep it casual. Smaller social BBQ’s can use linen napkin flatware roll-ups if serving steak or seafood.

Most important besides the food is décor so it keeps your guest in awe.  We love summer sunflowers for BBQ’s but you can keep it simple or get a little flower crazy! The summertime brings lots of floral options!

Now onto music because you always need some music! There is always one DJ in every company so let him or her do their thing! Social BBQ parties can have back ground music from one of their playlists or Pandora. DJ’s and live music duo or trio if you really want it special!

If you want to kick it up another notch, some entertainment is always fun for your guests. Many options for both corporate and social. Inquire with Fabulous Foods for available options!  

As for Party Favors, these are always fun to give to your guests at the end of the BBQ, but by all means not necessary. Corporate BBQ’s can give up company shirts, hats or packaged desserts to take home! Social parties have many options and should inquire with an event designer. Some of our Fabulous dessert gift jars have been a hit as a favor!
Take a look at our website for further food menu information or give us a call with any inquiries!

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