Infused Water

Summer is here and in full swing; you’ve got an endless plethora of drinks in hand, but what’s the most beneficial? Your mind is telling you anything iced! Anything cool and refreshing! But it’s also saying anything but the plain ole’ bottle of water. Sure, you can dress it up in fancy thermoses to keep it cool throughout the day, or make it cute and carry it in a glass bottle. (“Hey, everyone! I’m drinking water.”) No, I’m not knocking on water’s amazing existence, but I’m letting you all in on a little secret. A secret that’s going to make your hydrating experience fun, healthy, and fabulous!

If you’ve ever heard of fruit-infused water, then you might be thinking, “Oh, the effort!” But in reality, there is little to no effort when you’re comparing this to making some iced tea, don’t you think? Depending on the variety of fruits you have at home, or the ones you choose, there are different benefits to infusing your water. You can also snack on the leftover berries after you’re finished or refill your bottle. Here is some fruity water infused favorites!

Lemon + Mint

Benefits of Lemon:

• Rich in Vitamin C                                                                    

• Contains Pectin Fiber (beneficial for colon health)

• Balances pH levels in the body

• Help reduce pain and inflammation in joints and knees

• Helps flush out toxins in the body’s system

• Benefits skin and prevents formation of wrinkles and acne

Benefits of Mint:

• Promotes digestion

• High in antioxidants

• Help with the common cold: contains menthol,

  with is a natural decongestant

• Natural anti-microbial agent and breath freshener

• Though not abundant, contains iron


1 Lemon

6-7 Mint leaves (or to your own preference)


Ice (if desired)

Thinly slice the lemon and put aside.

Tear or macerate the mint leaves.

Alternate from mint, lemon, and ice.

Fill with water.

You can choose to drink it right away, or let it sit

for about an hour to let the lemon and mint infuse further.


Raspberries + Blueberries + Mint

Benefits of Raspberries:

• Rich in dietary fiber and antioxidants

• High levels of phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals, scientific studies

show that the antioxidant compounds in these berries play potential

roles against cancer, aging, inflammation, and neurodegenerative


• Contains Vitamins A, E, and C

• Contains minerals like Potassium, Manganese, Copper, Iron,

and Magnesium

• Rich in B-complex group of vitamins and Vitamin K – these berries

contain good amounts of Vitamin B-6, Niacin, Riboflavin, and

Folic Acid which function as co-factors and help the body metabolize

carbohydrates, protein, and fats.

Benefits of Blueberries:

• Contains Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese,

Zinc, and Vitamin K which contribute to building and maintaining

bone structure and strength

• Decreases blood pressure

• Supports heart health

• Can help ward off or slow down cancers (lung, mouth, pharynx,

pancreatic, endometrial, prostate, and colon)

• Fights wrinkles




Mint leaves


Ice (If desired)

You can choose to macerate the fruit or leave them whole,

same with the mint leaves.

Alternate from raspberries, mint, blueberries, and ice.

Fill with water.

You can choose to drink it right away, or let it sit for about an hour.


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