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A Fabulous Black & White Dessert Bar that will leave your Mouth Watering!

Fabulous Black & White Cupcakes Galore

If you have not had a good vanilla or chocolate cupcake, then you have a problem. These cupcakes are a chocolate lover’s dream. Not only are these cupcakes moist but they are also light, bearing the weight of the chocolate and vanilla frosting.

The cupcakes provide a dark chocolate icing with white chocolate dots and white chocolate icing and black chocolate dots.

Drizzled Black & White Cake Pops

There is something mischievous about a little piece of cake on a top of a stick. People can grab them and go without having to sit down!

If you are a red velvet fan, we have the best pops for you. These cake pops are Red Velvet, dipped in white chocolate with black chocolate drizzle. Along with a cheesecake pop dipped in black chocolate and white chocolate drizzle that melts in your mouth. Can you say… yum!

Popcorn Anyone?!

Pop, Pop, POP !

Dark, smooth, and crunchy – it does not get any better than this. With a drizzle of our dark or white chocolate over our popcorn will leave a simply delicious taste! Dark or White chocolate popcorn is a fun substitute for an anticipated cookie assortment.

Chocolate Heaven

As our finest chocolate drips in our Fabulous Fountains that everybody loves, it surrounds them with an array of mouthwatering ingredients that will address a great focus for the event! Indulging the guests with a delicious chocolate fountain that is guaranteed to delight and create a GREAT factor!

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