The Holiday Event-Planning Checklist!

Phase One

Choose Your Date.

Holiday Parties typically fall between December 3rd and December 23rd, but if the event you’re planning does not fall within this timespan, don’t worry!  Oftentimes, when you plan your party on a Sunday or midweek day, you will find much more availability with your preferred suppliers, such as a caterer.

Draft Your Guest List. 

Though this does not have to be determined early in the process, you should definitely have an estimation on the amount of guests in mind. As the event gets closer, it’s important to keep track of your RSVP responses in order to have a better idea of the number of guests so your event planner and caterer can plan accordingly in terms of the food quantities and floor plan.

Contact Your Event Planner & Caterer. 

Reaching out to your preferred event planner and catering company far in advance is vital in securing your event spot on their calendar during the busiest time of year! Not only are you ensuring their availability to accommodate your needs, but this also leaves ample time for sharing inspirations and developing a plan to bring your event to life, leaving your guests with a memorable experience.

Book an Available Venue. 

Once you have the date picked out, you can begin your search for the ideal venue to accommodate your anticipated headcount. Don’t sweat this one, Fabulous Foods partners with exclusive New York City and New Jersey venues to guarantee the right fit for your event! As your One-Stop Event Designers, we take care of this process from beginning to end!

Brainstorm Theme Ideas. 

Want something classically festive to celebrate the Holiday Season?  Perhaps something outside the box with modern flair and unique elements?  Share your ideas with Fabulous Foods to get the creative process started with our team of professional event planners who are eager to make your event visions into a reality!

Phase Two

Choose your Food Service Style. 

What type of food service do you envision at your company’s holiday party this year?  Your choice will depend on multiple factors. To list some:

1) Personal Preference

2) Budget

3) Guest Count

4) Venue Size and Capabilities

5) Setup/Floor plan 

*For example, although you may love the concept of a formal multi-course sit-down dinner, if you are expecting 500+ guests, this may complicate the process and substantially increase the price tag. It may be worthwhile to speak with your event planner and consider other options that can better accommodate your guest count and budget, such as a unique short-plate style cocktail hour where guests are encouraged to mingle and help themselves to gourmet and beautifully designed food stations throughout the course of the event.

Finalize Your Custom Menu. 

With plenty of time to spare, you should begin to work with your caterers in narrowing down and finalizing the event menu. Fabulous Foods works directly with clients in designing a customized menu for your event. Whether your menu involves specific allergy precautions, religious food restrictions, or vegan/vegetarian options, our years of experience allow us to accommodate everyone without compromising the wow-factor of our food’s flavor and presentation.

Choose a Bar & Beverage Package. 

If you are planning to offer a bar to your guests, be sure to choose a package that represents the theme of your event. For example, if the theme of this year’s party is Whimsical Winter Wonderland, offer a Winter White Chocolate and Wild Cherry Martini as one of the specialty cocktails. Your guests will love the attention to detail!

Phase Three 

(Let Us) Hire the Entertainment. 

We recommend incorporating holiday-related activities for your party entertainment, such as wine tasting, caroling, dancing (with a live band or DJ), watching our live liquid nitrogen ice cream makers, festive social media photo booth, and so much more. Children can enjoy cookie decorating, writing letters to Santa, and a winter wonderland photo shoot! You will want to secure your plans well in advance, as entertainment tends to book quickly this time of year. Fabulous Foods has access to some of the best vendors in the industry and we can’t wait to tell you more about them for your event!

Approve Your Event Layout. 

Work with us to confirm all the event logistics. This can be established after other vital decisions are made such as finalized guest count, style of food service, bar size, venue size, seating arrangements, entertainment space, etc. Oftentimes, we encourage clients to participate in an event walkthrough so you can begin to get a feel for the layout and flow of the space!

Review Event Rentals. 

Because Fabulous Foods works with you in every aspect of the event planning and production process, it is important to understand what type of rentals will be needed to bring the event to life. Rentals include everything from tables, chairs, linens, florals and décor, lighting, staging equipment, fabric and drapery, specialty food displays, back of the house set up, bar equipment, sanitation and more.

Review Your Event Timeline. 

The Fabulous Foods Event Team develops detailed timelines to ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish. It is vital to share allrelevant event information with the event team to avoid unexpected hiccups. Having a special speaker, guest of honor, or surprise performance? Be sure to make sure it has been included in the timeline so we will be prepared with all necessary equipment and set-up these elements may require.

Market, Market, Market. 

Obviously,  you want the best turnout possible to make your holiday party special, so give your guests a heads-up in advance so they can plan accordingly with a save-the-date sent prior to the invitations. Another way to create some buzz surrounding your event is to create a social media presence and frequently post exciting news to make your guests feel a connection to the event before they even arrive!

Fabulous Foods cannot wait to start planning your Holiday Event!

Give us a call to reserve the date and speak with one of our planners TODAY!

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