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Birthday Bash!

It doesn’t matter how many years young you are, there are plenty of reasons to throw yourself a huge birthday celebration! At Fabulous Events & Catering, nothing makes us happier than putting together a surprise party, tailor-made for you by your loved ones. This past weekend, we were lucky enough to be able to throw an amazing one of a kind birthday celebration that was filled with lots of love, laughs, and happiness.While you and your loved ones may love your birthday, the weather is rather apathetic, but have no fear we are on it. We are committed to making your birthday event a success regardless of what the weather decides to do. We came prepared for this special birthday celebration with a gorgeous white tent that had a stunning white fabric flowing from the ceiling. The tent was completed with a breathtaking chandelier hanging from the center of the tent, which gave the whole party additional lighting and a fabulous atmosphere.

Wondering what our tents can offer you for a birthday?


Regardless of what type of tent you want at your event, we highly recommend that you have the tent set up two days prior. This is to ensure that everything is set up and working perfectly, allowing you to avoid any day-of issues that could arise. The photo below is an example of our set up, completed two days before the event. The tent holds 120 guests underneath, ensuring enough room for everyone throughout the minor rainstorm we experienced.

We add a stunning white fabric to hang from the ceiling along with a chandelier in order to give the tent an extravagant and elegant look. It also added some extra light to the tent meaning that the fun didn’t have to stop once the sun went down.

We also offer some additional items that can be added to your tent upon your request. Heaters are provided to keep guests warm on those colder days, while air conditioning units can be added for a day that is forecasted to be a scorcher. We also offer walk-on flooring for your tent if you would prefer your guests to walk on something other than grass. Balloons are also a joyous option, we can tie them to any side of the tent or allow them to float to the ceiling for some additional birthday decorations!


Now, what is a birthday without some food? The first hour and a half were celebrated with some delicious hors-d’oeuvres for guests to enjoy upon their arrival. Once the guests had all arrived it was time to ring the dinner bell. We opened our buffet stations to hungry party goers, offering food from two identical buffets that our professional servers ensured the guests had easy access too. Why would we set up two identical buffets? This helps prevent any lines and cuts down on waiting time for guests to receive their dinner, it also prevents any confusion. Once everyone had completed dinner and the guests began dancing away their meal, we transformed our buffet stations into coffee and dessert stations, prepared for guests to enjoy some sweets and warm drinks once the candles had been blown out.


One of the most important things to us is creating the perfect decor for our tables due to the fact that it will be the very first thing that your guests will see upon their arrival. We wanted to keep the theme white on top of having a fun birthday celebration feel going on, so we decorated all the centerpieces with white florals, complete with lights inside that vases in order to add some additional mood and lighting. We also made sure to set the tables with prepared champagne, water, and wine with adorable white china plates and white napkins folded neatly, ready for the arrival of your guests. If you don’t wish to have pre-poured champagne on your tables there is an alternative option. We can offer two servers greeting guests at the front with champagne at the ready for them, as they enter the party. Who doesn’t feel like a guest of honor when given a glass of bubbly upon arrival?


Now on the parties entertainment, after all, entertainment is what keeps the party alive (along with some amazing food and smooth alcohol). We offer a Dj, along with live entertainment These two complement each other for the perfect match of music. An extra level of fun is thrown with a step & repeat dancing area for your guest’s enjoyment, set at a location of your choosing.

Be sure to check out the video on our website in order to see the results and experience of this beautiful birthday celebration!

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