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Have a Fabulous Halloween Party!

Halloween is almost here! We are offering a special Halloween business drop off event that will make even the sourest monster smile with delight! While we will not be offering servers for the event, our set is disposable, making cleaning a complete breeze for the event goers. Have no fear, we will take care of set up making sure the food is warm and ready to go. While our wait staff is not included, we can provide some staff members upon your request. Do you want a ghoulish office dinner or perhaps a haunting lunch with your coworkers, dare we even say you want a frightening breakfast with your staff? It doesn’t matter since we can drop off food for any meal of your choosing. Enjoy the holiday with all of your co-workers and mingle with or without your costumes.

If you are in the mood for some intense Halloween decorations, no need to worry we have got you covered. We can create a festive display throughout the office including candles, napkins, linens, and any other haunting items you could want. If you prefer to do things with your personal touch, no problem, we can still drop off all the decorations you need and you can take care of the rest. But what party is complete without a few drinks? We are offering our full array of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

For a personal and one of a kind Halloween office experience contact us right away. Our high-quality food and drinks will encourage all of the office bats to come out and mingle. We will set up, both the food and display for you with assurances it will all be an easy cleanup. On top of that, we do offer waiter services upon request. For any questions, simply give us a call today.

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