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Bridal Shower Treats

Besides delicious food, a bridal shower must have the best, most fabulous, dessert table there is. Bridesmaids & the bride herself get very overwhelmed with excitement and nerves when it comes to making sure everything looks and tastes as close to perfection as possible. That is where we come in. Making sure each bridal shower is unique and resembles the bride herself exactly how she wants it to. Below we have a list of just SOME tasty treats that we have done for the best bridal showers yet. (Keep in mind if what you love isn’t on our list – we still make it!)

Let’s start with the cookies. Having different shaped cookies is a new trend that is driving people wild because it looks just as amazing as the cookie would taste. Different shapes with different designs. Our personal favorites are the glitter cookies that have “Bride” or the brides initial or name written across it. Another favorite is a certain pattern design that is flushed as the background of the cookie with the brides initial on the cookie in bold. Keep the design fun, yet simple and elegant because you rather the taste buds do the real talking.

Next on our list are the cake pops!  These can be made with any filling you desire along with any color lollipop stick.  As for design, we can do a white with gold painted streaks to give it that marble look, we can do candy balls for more of a pop, we can even do a glitter to match the theme of our favorite cookies!  Cake pop decorating can get as fun & wild as you want it to be.  These should keep that line of elegant, yet these can get as fun as you would like. 

(Keep in mind to always finish the cake pop with a matching color bow around the lollipop stick.  This adds an extra flavor to the design!)

Lastly on our list is the cake!  The cake can be made with any filling along with any color and design.  As for design, we can do as many layers you may want the cake to be and matching the theme you may desire!

Hope your mouth got watery just looking at these delicious treats just as much as it did for the Team at Fabulous Foods! We look forward to taking a bridal order 😊

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