Corporate Event Planning: The 8 Golden Rules Presented by Fabulous Foods

Keep Your Story Straight 

Tell one cohesive story. What is the purpose of the event? What message is trying to be told about the brand? Be sure the story stays consistent across the board throughout and is constantly reinforced throughout the span of the event. Also, depending on the venue, be sure to make sure all various spaces intermingle but deliver a unique experience. This ultimately ensures good flow to the event space!

Become a First Impression Guru 

It is vital to put the company and brand at the forefront of the event in order to begin to tell your story. This is done through various methods of branding. Get creative with it! For example, try “live-branding” which allows guest to pose for a photo with a branded back drop. The entrance of the event should be spectacular. Within seconds of walking through the door, guests will develop an initial impression of the event; make sure it’s a fabulous one. First impressions can contribute to the mood and overall success of the event!

Appeal to the Senses

 Create a multi-sensory experience. You know the drill: There are 5 senses that need to be stimulated in order to create a spectacular affair. Use your imagination on this one. Incorporate interactive opportunities that relate to the brand’s story. This not only makes for a enjoyable event, but also creates a lasting impression your guests will want to share.

Walk to the Beat of Your Own Corporate Drum 

Challenge your team to step outside the box. The possibilities are endless. Serving frozen margaritas? Ditch the blender and invite guests to mix their own…on bicycle!

Encourage Engagement 

Let guests feel like a vital element of the event! Invite them to get involved. Create a community service element that guests can feel good about participating in, or hire entertainment that requires participation from event attendees! Engagement sets an energetic tone that will rub off on the guests’ attitudes. They’ll love having a role in the success of the affair, plus they’ll have a blast!

Surprise & Delight 

Kick off the start of the event experience before guests even arrive. This creates an element of surprise that will unexpectedly “WOW” your guests. Upon pulling into the parking lot, have them greeted with a gift, or create an out-of-the-ordinary trip to the entrance (for example, pick them up via horse and buggy…following a marching band!). To follow up the event, send them a flash drive “thank you” note containing video highlights and photos. Get as creative as you’d like, but be sure that all elements pose a significant relation to the story.

Extend & Promote

 Brand, brand, brand, and then brand some more! Take every opportunity to instill the brand story into the event. In the age of social media, if guests are enjoying themselves, they will most likely be sharing. Don’t miss the opportunity to extend promotion to external audiences by falling short with branding. Beverage napkins, cafeteria trays, logo cookies, etc. sprinkle a reminder of the brand every chance you get, no need to be subtle! Is the event away from home for many attendees? Offer a station where they can send hand-written post cards back home to loved ones—this brings a personal touch to the event that displays the attention to detail that was put into planning the event, to make it all about the guests’ experience.


 Brainstorm—On a busy work day, with a list of tasks to complete, it can be difficult to set time aside to simply think and conjure up innovative ideas and abstract concepts. However, this is vital to the success of a corporate event. Keep things fresh by constantly being up to date with the newest trends and giving the inspiration process the time it deserves. Your efforts will be apparent on the day of the event. Collaborate with your team and share ideas in order to come up with a concise vision for the event.

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