The “WOW” Factor: Fabulous Foods’ Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar

Is your summer event in need of a “WOW” factor? Get in tune to with this “not-so-hot” dessert trend that is taking over the culinary scene this season; the Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar! Leave your guests “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” as they witness a spectacular show with chilly fog almost magically transforming into deliciously creamy ice cream made to order, while providing a memorable experience of your bash!

Liquid Nitrogen: The Basics 

Liquid Nitrogen is used for various temperature-related applications, most commonly to freeze foods. It is odorless, tasteless, and colorless. It is -320⁰, in other words,

naturally dangerously cold.

Safety First: Leave it to an expert 

Because Liquid Nitrogen is so cold, it is dangerous if you are not careful or inexperienced with the proper handling precautions. Because of its potentially harmful properties, it is best to leave the hands-on experimentation process to a professional while everyone else can stand back and enjoy the show!

What’s Your Flavor?: The Recipe 

There are countless ice cream recipes, any of which will work just fine for this smokin’ cold dessert—get it? The universal rule is to use double cream to milk ratio—and be sure to sweeten it up with vanilla and sugar! After you’ve got that taken care of, let your imagination run wild! Peanut butter cups? Swedish Fish? Cotton candy? Chocolate and fresh raspberries? The possibilities are endless…

Feast Your Eyes: The Finale 

Watch the ice cream of your dreams appear before your eyes. Give your Ice Cream Chemist a big round of applause, and simply indulge.

Don’t Forget To Call Fabulous Foods

& Reserve Your Very Own

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar

For Your Next Summer Event!


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