Do You Smell A Fabulous Thanksgiving Brewing!?

This year let’s keep the stress to a minimum with hosting tips for your Thanksgiving get-together. We always prepare Thanksgiving dinner for our family and have an amazing team behind us to help. From prepping the day before to creating the perfect plated dinner table for a huge Italian family –this is no walk in the park and it has stress written in every bite of it. So I want to help anyone I can with this special holiday because it should be enjoyable and relaxing for you, your family and your guest. Keeping each holiday different is what keeps it enjoyable and fun for everyone, although this can be difficult for someone who isn’t planning events and cooking food every day. That is why I am here to help! Here are a few tips to get you started on hosting your own special holiday and to ensure a stress free environment for you, so get your glass of Pinot ready!

1. Step one, the setting of the table. Make sure you bring out your best holiday glassware and

table ware, along with a linen that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Setting the table with

plates, glasses, silverware, platters & centerpieces before hand is very helpful this way when

dishes are prepared the table is already set and ready to go. This is also a helpful way to distract

your guests in awing over your table set-up while you are finishing up dinner.

2. That brings us to step 2 – keeping your guests out of the kitchen. Everyone wants to be in the

kitchen because that is where the food is! Make sure to have a few small bites that everyone

can taste with some wine so that they allow you to finish up in the kitchen. This keeps your

guests happy and satisfied while awaiting the main dishes.

3. What to start the dinner menu with? Step 3, start the meal with a soup, such as Butternut

Squash Soup or a Pumpkin Bisk Soup. You’re probably thinking, why should I start with a soup?

Soups of all kinds can be prepared the day before and refrigerated until the big day of which will

allow you to free up the stove space until it is time to re-heat.

4. Which dishes should you prepare first? Hello step 4, Roasted Vegetables or Oven Roasted

Parsnips and Carrots you can prepare first and wrap them up on the counter covered. These

items do not need to be served piping hot, they are even more delicious at room temperature.

When it is time to serve your first dish, you can heat them up a little with maple syrup, vinegar

and herbs to drizzle over the vegetables. YUM!

5. Once you have the sides complete, the turkey is your main dish! If you have vegetarians in the

family as well make sure to have a fish entrée, such as a Baked Lemon Oregano Cod or a Baked

Garden Lasagna! You always want to make sure every guest is able to fully enjoy their dinner.

6. Now everyone’s favorite dishes are the dessert! Your original pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie

is a definite must to keep your guest completely satisfied on Thanksgiving. Let them sip it down

with some delicious, freshly brewed coffee & your dinner is the talk of the year!

We attached our two menu packages as well as guidance for a Classic Thanksgiving or a Fabulous

Thanksgiving! Please contact us with any questions at all – we are here to help!

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