The Holidays ARE HERE!!

This time of year we are busy with all holiday parties from Thanksgiving to Christmas, to New Years!  From drop off casual parties to full-service parties – what’s the difference?  Our drop off Holiday Parties consists of our basic holiday package (we will post tomorrow!)  This is when the food is delivered at the time of your convenience & you are set to rock it out on your own for the family to fully enjoy, relax & have a super easy clean up since everything is disposable.  From the plates to the platters are all disposable for you to just throw out!  Our full-service Holiday Party consist from our special menu where you need a chef & servers to fully help you on this special holiday so you won’t have to lift a finger. 

But we will talk more about that information in our blog tomorrow!  Today is based on us wanting to share with you a few of our favorite holiday desserts & start getting everyone in the Holiday mood just like we are!

  1. Cake Pops!  From White Chocolate to Dark Chocolate to Red Velvet, these delicious bites can be made to your liking with a holiday design of your request.
  2. Our most popular are our S’mores with a shot of chocolate that escapes into your mouth after a bite of the marshmallow!
  3. Chocolate Ganache balls are always a go to when it comes to Holiday Parties.  These fancy mini one bites are an easy, clean eat that makes any presentation look absolutely perfect.  These can also be made as white chocolate, cookie dough, red velvet or a special request of yours as well!
  4. Mini Whoopie Pies or Large Whoopie Pies Oh My!  Red Velvet is the taste of the year so our suggestion is to go with this flavor for these whoopie pies!  You won’t be able to resist.
  5. Chocolate Brownies topped with walnuts or drizzled with extra melted chocolate are another favorite of our teams. These are another basic go to that can be enjoyed by everyone!

Even though we have created beyond 5 suggestions of Holiday Desserts, we wanted to give you our team’s favorite suggestions! (Pictures can be found below)  Stay tuned for our special Holiday Menus, along with live videos on our Facebook of making beautiful Holiday Cakes, Cookies, and Delicious Holiday Themed Entrees & Hors d’oeuvres & More!

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