Fabulous Foods Presents “The Aerial Advantage”

 The Aerial Advantage 

Video has become a widely used feature within the event production industry. Whether it is requested by the client or being used by the Event Planning Company for promotional use, recording memorable and impressive footage from a special event is essential. With technologies like camera phones, GoPro’s, etc. making videography so accessible, companies and clients alike are searching for new methods to stand out.

Drone technology offers outstanding perspectives and lends the opportunity to capture a new type of striking footage. Not only does the drone capture perspectives that are otherwise unattainable, but the HD video also gives you the opportunity to take video stills. In reality, one minute of video at 30 frames per second will give you the option of up to 1,800 images you could choose to analyze.

Still not sold? Let’s discuss additional advantages to this cutting edge technology:

 Lead the Pack 

Be the first to pick up new technologies and offer them as exclusive service—clients will set you apart from the competition for being ahead of the trends within the industry.

  • Everlasting Impression
  • Versatility 
  • Mobility

Aerial images range from 4 feet to 400 feet—they are small enough to capture footage from spaces that are virtually unreachable…this makes for the outstanding footage.

 Quick Take Off & Landing 

Systems can be airborne within minutes—there is no extensive preparation required before the film launch.

 Quiet & Safe 

Safely and quietly film without disrupting surroundings or people attending the event.

 Cut Cost, not Quality 

Drone footage produces a higher quality HD product with less cost.

 Leave a Lasting Impression 

Clients & their guests will be thrilled to witness their event from a new and exciting perspective. The footage can be used as a party favor or keepsake—and ultimately leave a lasting impression of the event. This is a great way to target potential clients & set a high standard of what is expected from the Event Producer.

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