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FABULOUSLY FIT – Vegetable & Fruit Combos Designed for Equinox and Our Clients

What could possibly be more refreshing than a basket full of fruits & vegetables blended together?

Combining tasty and healthy to satisfy your hunger seems impossible to imagine – right?

Yes you read that correctly –tasty & healthy in one sentence & that’s because Fabulous Foods made this possible.

Below are our three favorite Energy Blasters for this month along with the recipes so you can make them at home!


• Coconut Milk

• Strawberries

• Small Beet

• Cup Mint Leaves

• Fresh Lime

• Chia Seeds

• Honey


• Avocado

• Kale

• Pineapple

• Coconut Water

• Fresh Lime

• Shredded Coconut

• Honey

• Matcha Powder


• Orange

• Carrot

• Mango

• Coconut Water

• Flax Seeds

• Fresh Ginger

These fabulous Energy Blasters have been a huge hit at Equinox keeping everyone fit & healthy.

Feel free to take photos and tag us on our social media accounts so

we can repost you & your Energy Blaster. @fabulousfoods

ENJOY & let us know how your Energy Juice is!

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