Let’s get started on an exciting Fourth of July party! Every year no matter what we do the Fourth of July is always exciting. The sound of family & friends laughing, loud music bouncing through the air, fireworks crinkling in the sky & delicious food drifting through the air. The only trouble with some parties is if it is your own & you are in charge of everyone there. To some people, this is a breeze, although to most this is terrifying because you worry so much you forget there is even a party going on.

Well, this year – Fabulous Foods is taking care of you by letting you enjoy your night of celebration! We have developed a special social menu just for your parties at home – especially the Fourth of July!


Chips & Dips ~ Pita Chips, Tortilla Chips, Hummus, Guacamole, Sour Cream & Salsa
Vegetable Shots ~ Herbs with Spinach Crème Fraiche
Salad ~ Organic Garden Green & Lemon Herb Dressing
Caesar Shots ~ Grilled Chicken Kebabs, Caesar Salad & Tofu Dressing
Lobster Rolls ~ Avocado & Micro Arugula on Brioche
Sliders ~ Beef, Topping Bar & Sea Salt Potato Chips
Miniature Tacos ~ Short Ribs, Gorgonzola Polenta & Micro Celery
Shrimp ~ Grilled Skewers with Mango, Pineapple & Watermelon
Desserts ~ Cookies, Ice Pops, Brownies & Seasonal Sweets
Fruit ~ Seasonal Fresh Sliced Fruit


Bar Setup ~ Mixers, Soft Drinks, Bar Fruits, Juice & Ice
Optional ~ Margaritas, Martini Bar, Summer Cocktails, Wines & Craft Beer

We also create special drinks for the guest!


Depending on where the party is taken place, event rentals are extremely important to make a party come to life & allows your guest to enjoy every ounce of fun & relaxation. If you’re having a BBQ & don’t want to play with mother nature, a beautiful tent is always a great idea just in case of some surprise rain! Although, a tent is not always necessary if we know the day is going to be absolutely amazing. Now that we are passed the tent, comes the more fun rentals such as multiple options of tables, chairs, linens, plates, napkins, bars, flowers, candles & the list goes on! This is YOUR party & we are here to make your vision come to life!


Music is always necessary at a party! Allow us to make you your favorite music playlist to play throughout your yard. Or if you want to switch it up a bit, have some live entertainment in whichever music category you desire!


Now all you have to do is invite your family & friends over, kick back & relax! Enjoy some fireworks & a delicious special made drink for a special day!

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