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Functional Uses for an Ice Cube Tray

This life-hack will completely transform the often tedious cooking process. Flavor should never be sacrificed, but life often gets hectic and we could all use a shortcut in the kitchen. Smoothly glide through weeknight dinners like a culinary pro with these unexpected yet practical uses for ice cube trays.

  • Garlic:

Garlic. Let’s face it, we love garlic and find ways to sneak it into the most simple of recipes. Why not puree some with a drop or so of water and pop them in the freezer as a quick fix for a weeknight stir fry, sauce, or mash! Astonished by this level of convenience? Try this with some fresh ginger; you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this sooner!

  • Coffee & Tea:

Smack in the middle of summer’s heat wave, you’ve grown accustomed to watered- down ice coffee, iced tea, and your favorite cocktails. Don’t settle. Pop some freshly brewed coffee or tea into ice trays for a flavorful solution! Feeling creative? Add a coffee cube to your favorite homemade BBQ sauce recipe for a tang that will have everyone guessing what you put in there!

  • Vino:

Frozen wine cubes, need I say more? Whether you’re partial to red or white, create a 5-star sauce in seconds. Deglaze the pan with a deep Cabernet, or brighten up your seafood dish by popping one of these frozen gems made with a fruity Pinot Grigio and a dab of butter for richness.

  • Fruit & Veggie Purees:

Thinking about hopping on the smoothie trend? Why not add a frozen cube of kale puree to your favorite green smoothie, or some frozen pureed mango for a creamy and tropical boost to your go-to fruit shake. Whether you’re into fruit or veggie blends—these nutrient-packed cubes will boost the flavor and impact of your puree.

  • Fresh Herbs:

As summer begins to come to an end and the weather takes a chillier turn, we wouldn’t dare to waste our all-star herbs that we’ve grown to accustom to having at our disposal. Savor the flavor of your last bunch of fresh basil by creating pesto cubes to throw into a quick weeknight pasta dish. Have some fresh mint to rescue? Pop it in the ice tray with some freshly squeezed lime juice as a flavorful addition to water or other beverages!  

  • Drippings:

Fatty meats like bacon and duck are good, but their drippings are famous for their bold flavors and ability to transform any dish they accompany. Whether added to a pungent salad dressing, pan sauce, or to sauté some veggies or starches in, these little fat cubes will come in handy when you’re looking for a quick flavor boost.

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