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Yacht Catering: Fine Dining Events on the Hudson

Yacht Catering: Fine Dining Events on the Hudson

The Fabulous Foods Event Team & Culinary Artists work closely together to Plan & Execute High- End Yacht Events That Guarantee a Memorable, Luxurious Experience for All Guests.

When preparing for this type of affair, Fabulous Foods would like to share some elements to consider:

Event Date 

When choosing the date for your yacht event, consider external circumstances such as the weather. It tends to be a bit windier & at times chilly when out on the water. Choose your time of year wisely; summer, spring & fall are the prime seasons for yacht entertaining. Be sure to advise your guests on proper attire before the event so they dress accordingly.

Event Location 

Choose a location that allows for exceptional views all throughout the event. Have your captain map out a sailing itinerary prior to the event so you can make the most of the scenery & set an outstanding tone for your party. Whether you board from New York or New Jersey, the New York skyline makes for a very special setting. For example, the Statue of Liberty & George Washington Bridge are stunning sights at night as they are lit up and create a view of gorgeous glistening reflections on the water.

Floor Plan

The right floor plan is absolutely vital to the overall success of an event, especially when it takes place within a space like a yacht. The flow & movement of guests heavily rely on a well- developed floor plan. A quality floor plan makes the most of the space and effortlessly directs guests into the areas with the best views, ultimate amount of comfort & perfect setting for mingling with others. For example, choosing the top deck as the party setting allows the guests to enjoy spectacular views, but also offers the most open space that can be utilized for a beautiful communal dining experience.


Leave it to the experts to design & execute a custom menu suitable for your event. Whether you prefer a more casual cocktail style event or a formal seated dinner, the menu should encompass seasonal ingredients that compliment the ultimate vibe of the party. The set up on yachts can often be a bit tricky, so it is imperative to hire a staff of experienced chefs, bartenders, servers & managers to ensure the event runs smoothly from start to finish.

For more information, please call Fabulous Foods at 1-800-365-4747!

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