Spring Entertaining: Fabulous Foods Guide to a FABULOUS Outdoor Dining Affair!

Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner! Which means outdoor events are in full swing! Here is Fabulous Foods guide to a Fabulous Outdoor Dining Affair!  

1. Comfortable Seating

Use of a communal Farmhouse Table with cushioned chairs ensures that your guests are seated comfortably for the evening; this layout also assists in keeping a convenient conversation flow throughout the table. Not to mention—it looks fabulous! 

2. Table Décor

Using a variety of linens and textures, along with matching place mats complimented by unique name tag displays creates a personalized and inviting atmosphere that will have your guests eager to find their seat at your table! 

3. Florals 

Bring your table to life by incorporating seasonal flowers that will make you’re dining table the main attraction at your event. Be sure to design arrangements that will not obstruct the line of vision, so that guests can comfortable converse while enjoying the mild but fresh fragrance the florals produce. 

4. Lighting 

Lighting is a key element when it comes to outdoor entertaining in the evening. Using an assortment of candles, lanterns, and torches sets a relaxed and inviting ambiance, which ultimately sets the tone of the evening.

5. Heating

It’s no secret that spring nights can unexpectedly get a bit chilly for outdoor dining! Accommodate your guests by keeping them nice and toasty—set up patio heaters for maximum comfort. They will be shocked by your attention to detail and superb hospitality! 

6. Music 

Don’t drown out the conversation flow among guests by playing loud music. Choose a playlist that can serve as mellow background music that will add to the mood of the evening. Light jazz or other instrumentals work wonderfully for this type of affair. Going for ‘WOW’ factor? Hire a live musician or band for an entertainment element for your guests’ enjoyment! 

7. Hire A Fabulous Catering Company!  

Enjoy your event WITH your guests without distractions. By having a team of professionals responsible for the work & flow, your event will run smoother than you could ever imagine. Sit back, relax, and watch as your gourmet dining experience unfolds before your eyes! 

8. Menu Option 

Unfortunately, not all guests have the same taste in food. It’s vital to provide at least two options for the main course. It’s usually safe to offer a seafood dish, along with a meat dish. If you know you have vegetarians attending, plan accordingly. Your team of chefs can work closely with you in order to develop an impressive menu selection that is sensitive to a variety of palates. 

9. Food Presentation 

Do not be intimidated to step outside the box! Create an unforgettable night for your guests, where each course delivers a distinct culinary experience. White plates allow the food to stand out, however, step away from the generic round plate, choose something funky and appropriate for each course, you’ll love your guests’ reactions! 

10. Wait Staff 

A wait staff works together with your culinary team to create an effortlessly successful affair for you and your guests to enjoy. Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails passed butler style, and a sit down dining experience where all guests can be served simultaneously!  This level of hospitality will leave your guests itching for your next gathering! 

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