Fabulous Foods’ Favorite Uses For Edible Flower Inspiration!

Looking for something trendy, fun, colorful & even nutritious to impress your guests during prime entertaining season? Edible flowers are a unique addition to your spring and summer menus! Not only do they create the “wow” factor that all entertainers strive for, but they also provide great flavor, fragrance, and appeal! Here are some of Fabulous Foods’ favorite uses for edible flower inspiration: 

1.   Mascarpone Cheese & Pansy Blossoms Rolled Champagne Grape

Pansies offer a beautiful citrusy mint flavor that compliments the smooth texture of mascarpone. Not only does this exquisite hors d’oeuvre satisfy the palate, but when on display, looks worthy of an art exhibit! 

2. Nasturtium Flower Infused Olive Oil 

The nasturtium flower’s exotic appearance boasts an even more vibrant flavor! With an initial sweetness, and peppery spice to finish, it is the perfect candidate for infusing olive oil. Once infused, use the olive oil to make a delicious vinaigrette to add a punch to your favorite salad or even grilled seafood & poultry dish. 

3. Edible Flower Ice Cubes

This is a super simple & quick way to add some seasonal beauty to the most simple of drinks. Take your favorite edible flowers, pop them into ice trays, top with distilled water, freeze, and BOOM! You have a stunning spring-inspired ice cube that adds vibrant color, and a mild flavor to all your favorite beverages! 

4. Borage and Arugula Flower Salad

The borage flower encompasses an almost electric purple color, with mild cucumber notes. When paired with some peppery Arugula flowers and some organic greens, you will blow the minds of your guests with this extremely delicate and complex salad. 

5. Lavender Blossom Cake

The lavender herb’s sweet, aromatic characteristics lend an extremely distinctive layer to any dish, beautifully complimenting sweets and pastries. Finish off your favorite cake recipe with some lavender garnish for a matchless dessert display! 

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