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Corporate “No Brainers”: Host a Fabulous Company Picnic This Summer

In hosting a company picnic, the benefits stretch out far beyond one day of fun in the sun for employees and their families. A day out of the office spent over some great food and conversation lends employees a reminder that they are a valued element to their company and that all their hard work and effort does not go unnoticed. A company picnic allows employees to create fond memories outside the office, as well as strengthened relationships with one another. Here are a few benefits to hosting a company picnic this (and every) year ahead.

Integrates Departments 

Picnics and corporate parties help integrate your company, regardless of your employees’ positions, ranks and departments.  Simple conversations will help others respect various people’s responsibilities and roles within the company.  By strengthening relationships among co-workers, you make for a closer-knit work community that works together as whole, not as isolated departments.

Strengthens Teamwork 

The better your employees know each other, the easier it may be for them to feel comfortable asking each other the right questions, give genuinely helpful feedback and ultimately streamline certain processes.  The more teamwork your company can display, the more efficient you will be as a company, and that is the best way to save money.

Boosts Morale 

This is most likely the most obvious of benefits associated with company picnics, or any type of company party for that matter.  Picnics make the perfect atmosphere for rejuvenating and motivating employees by rewarding them with a much needed break.  The casual, fun, exciting yet relaxed picnic tone does wonders for the soul.

Commitment & Appreciation 

In the eyes of your staff, a day dedicated to acknowledging the important role of their positions will be priceless.  When placed in this type of environment, appreciation runs rapid. The employees are touched that their bosses took the time and money to expedite a special day in their honor and thanking them for their commitment.

Learn new things about your staff 

Once you remove people from their daily, hum drum work space, you are bound to see more of their personality than ever before. The casual environment lend  them to be themselves, outside of work. Here you will learn about hobbies, senses of humor, interests, family, and many other aspects of their personal lives that otherwise would not have been brought out. Not only will you learn new things about your staff, but they will also learn new things about each other. This is where strong connections, friendships, and trust begin to form.

Show family support 

When there is an apparent interest in their family/personal lives they are likely to feel more grateful for having you as their boss. By inviting spouses and children to a company picnic, it recognized the fact that the company supports their staff’s important relationship with their loved ones.

Share important information with the whole company.

Exciting news about the company? Share it with your employees as a whole group. This unites the company and allows them to excite each other about what is ahead. The company picnic is a perfect environment for important announcements. In an already upbeat and happy environment, the big news will be the cherry on top of a perfect day!

Have fun! 

You know the saying, “work hard, play hard”—well there’s more to it than meets the eye. All work and no play is not an effective way for a company to operate. Sometimes it’s best to get everyone together for a purpose that does not involve driving profit. In order to keep the work place alive and well, everyone needs a breath of fresh air every now and then.

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