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Happy Pistachio Day

Pistachio Day calls for Pistachio Grapes!  These are great for any party or gathering to keep your guest fully satisfied and forever munching on the delicious taste of these Pistachio Balls. 

The making of Pistachio Grapes is very quick and easy.  First grab all the ingredients to make these grapes perfect.  You will need Whipped Mascarpone Cheese, California Grapes, (any grapes work, these are just Fabulous Foods choice of grapes) crushed pistachios and a skewer to present your Pistachio Grapes fabulously to your guest.


   1. Take the whipped mascarpone cheese and evenly spread it out to cover the grape. 

   2. After spreading the cheese over the grapes, roll them in the crushed pistachios.  The pistachios will stick to the cheese.  Cover with pistachios as much as you want, we recommend fully covering so no cheese is peaking through!

   3. After covering your grapes in Pistachio, you then put them in the refrigerator to stay fresh until you are ready to enjoy the delicious taste of these Pistachio grapes! Be sure to skewer them when ready to present. This allows your guest to easily taste the grapes along with giving them a great presentation. 

If allergies are stopping you and your guest from enjoying these Pistachio Grapes, you can replace the Pistachio’s with Cranberries! (Shown in the photo below.)Or really anything that you desire to be paired with whipped mascarpone cheese!

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