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Outdoor Wedding Essentials

Wedding season is officially in full-swing! Whether you’re newly engaged or are deep into the planning process, we have all of the tips you need to create your ideal summer wedding!

Provide The Necessities

Tents create an intimate space for your wedding! They are a great space to place decor and to show off your wedding theme. Also, you will be protected from the elements just in case of unpredictable summer weather! When reserving your tent, take advantage of any extras they may offer like generators, air conditioners, or portable restrooms. Even if there is an indoor restroom nearby, you still may want to consider renting.

Pro tip: The general rule of thumb is one bathroom stall to every 35 guests.

Set the Mood

You can transform any outdoor space with the right decor and mood lighting. From paper lanterns to stately chandeliers, you’ll be able to create an atmosphere to fit your relationship and style. Things like couches, fountains, and drapery will give you all the luxuries of an indoor venue paired with a gorgeous outdoor location. If you are having a small wedding, consider bringing in 4 or 5 person tables and comfortable chairs in place of the traditional 8 or 10 person round tables.

Pro tip: Couches on a healthy lawn make for great pictures!

What Is A Wedding Without Fabulous Food?!

Having an outdoor wedding allows you to be creative with your menu and make it fit your theme! From a southern oyster roast to a traditional Italian dinner, you have the ability to pick and choose a meal that combines you and your fiance’s favorites!

Pro tip: Fabulous Foods can provide you with the perfect ingredients needed to enjoy an amazing day that you will never forget!

Customizing your wedding from start to finish allows you to have the most flexibility to add or subtract options you like even if you want to just have passed hors d’oeuvres and desserts!

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