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Super Bowl 2017

Super Bowl – a time to spend with family & friends to watch the biggest game of the year in football, yelling at each other for your favorite team to win, along with some of the best commercials that will make everyone laugh. What could possibly be missing from this perfect setting? THE FOOD. And not only the food, but the FABULOUS food. During Super Bowl a lot of people either go to the actual game or go out to a sports bar with sticky floors to watch the game. But for those of you who love the comfort of your own home, or a friend’s home, then great food is something you will most definitely need. 

What could possibly be better than walking into a warm, comfortable home with the delicious smell of Tortilla Chips with Beef Chili throughout the air? Or Spicy Buffalo Chicken with Ranch Sauce alongside some Juicy, Mini Sliders. Yes the simple (yet added with a Fabulous twist) Super Bowl Bites all at your disposable, ready to be eaten.

You also better believe if you are having a football party that we will bring the best football cake filled with whatever you desire (even though we recommend delicious candy) inside of your cake. It will be so delicious that your friends & family will be cheering you on. Make sure to check back this week for our Football Cake recipe & video on how to make your own!

This Super Bowl change it up & let us do the cooking while you enjoy the game & company of good people. Below are our different Super Bowl Menu Ideas for a casual, fun day! 

We promise you it will be a complete touchdown! – No pun intended.

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